Lusso brings home the bacon with City farm pig sponsorship

LUSSO IS making a stand for local sourcing and Snout to Tail eating, with a year-long sponsorship of the free-range pigs at Surrey Docks Farm, a well-known city farm just a stone’s throw from many of Lusso’s city client sites.

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The sponsorship will see the company taking delivery of between seven and ten Gloucester Old Spot cross porkers bred at the farm during the course of the year. Reared free ranging and matured slowly, the superb pork from these pampered pigs will feature in both client restaurants and fine dining as the subject of Lusso’s ‘Pig Tales’ campaign to promote Snout to Tail eating.


An awareness campaign, starting four weeks before the first consignment of pork arrives, will explain the Pig Tales concept, using a range of bespoke marketing material. It will talk about the farm and communicate the role played by good animal husbandry, free range and slow maturation in producing outstanding pork.


Ahead of the pigs’ arrival at Lusso, Executive Chef Jim Wealands will lead a training programme for Lusso chefs and their apprentices at IMS Butchers. Here the traditional butchery skills that so few chefs now learn at college will be taught by Jim and the IMS Master Butcher. Each Lusso site will receive a Snout to Tail recipe book, developed by Jim and showcasing delicious recipes using the less well known cuts of pork.


Lusso MD Paul Hurren, comments: ”We are delighted to be sponsoring the pigs at Surrey Docks Farm and our clients are in for a treat. This is the ultimate, best-tasting pork, and it brings the significant added benefit of knowing that it has been superbly cared for, has travelled only a very short distance and is being made maximum use of, via the Snout to Tail approach. A new litter of 15 piglets has just been born at the farm, and, eventually, some of these pigs will end up on our menus. We know it will be well worth the wait!”


As well as promoting the Snout to Tail approach, Lusso and Surrey Docks Farm are encouraging clients and staff to take an interest in the Lusso pigs. There will be an open invitation for clients, staff, and their families to visit the farm to meet the pigs. Customers will be able to follow their progress on the Lusso Pigcam, a live feed of film footage from a fixed camera in the sow and piglet’s quarters that will be available to view HERE


An additional layer of sustainability in action will see Lusso’s fresh produce supplier Reynolds delivering their fruit and vegetable trimmings to Surrey Docks Farm for the growing piglets to enjoy alongside their regular rations as a tasty and healthy addition to their diet. As signatories to The Pig Idea, both Lusso and Reynolds support the campaign to allow the feeding of catering waste to pigs.