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MPs launch new food waste inquiry

A new parliamentary inquiry will look at measures food and hospitality businesses could adopt to reduce food waste.

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Select Committee said that despite the progress made reducing food waste along the supply chain, the amount of reusable, recyclable food that is throw away in the UK remains “staggeringly high”.

It pointed to data that showed in the UK, approximately 8 million tonnes of food is wasted post-manufacturing, including in households, retail and wholesale and via the hospitality and foodservice sector, of which 60% could have been avoided.

The EFRA Committee will examine the economic, environmental and social impacts of food waste with a focus on consumers, the retail and hospitality sectors, and local government.

In particular, the Committee will ask how far voluntary initiatives can further reduce food waste or if legislation is required in this area.

The manufacturing and agriculture sectors are outside the scope of the inquiry.