Nestle UK and Ireland to sell 100% sustainable cocoa

IT WILL be a happier new year for some cocoa producers in the developing world as from the 1 January 2016, all Nestlé Professional UK & Ireland confectionery brands, including Kit Kat, Aero and Smarties, will be produced using certified sustainable cocoa.

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Nestle is the first major confectionary company in the hospitality and foodservice sector to achieve 100% certified sustainable cocoa for its chocolate confectionary and biscuits. The cocoa will be certified through both UTZ Certified and the Fairtrade Foundation.


George Vezza, managing director, said the company was “very proud” to have reached the milestone. The company’s Nestle Cocoa Plan is aimed at “helping farmers to run profitable farms, support the elimination of child labour and ensure a sustainable supply of cocoa. Now the hospitality and foodservice Industries can serve products with the confidence that they are made with cocoa that comes from 100 per cent certified sustainable sources.”