NFU publishes list of dairy-friendly companies

SODEXO, BRAKES and 3663 are the only three foodservice businesses to appear on a new NFU list of the companies that are paying dairy farmers a fair price. Costa Coffee is the lone High Street food and drink outlet on the list.


The NFU’s list, which also features retailers and wholesalers, has been compiled on the back of a high profile campaign being run to ensure dairy farmers receive a fair price for the milk they produce.


In an introduction to the website, the NFU writes: “Some of the leading supermarkets and food service operations have made commitments to ensure that farmers receive a sustainable price for their milk. However, others have yet to confirm how they are going to ensure that the farmers who supply them receive a fair deal.


“It should also be pointed out that, while a number of retailers make commitments in respect of the prices for fresh liquid milk that they buy, none makes similar commitments on cheese or other dairy products.”


The NFU has been contacting companies which buy significant volumes of milk and dairy produce to seek their support for a long-term, viable British dairy industry.


Last week the ‘dairy coalition’, the group fighting on behalf of British dairy farmers, vowed to keep up pressure on big companies. NFU president Peter Kendall said there was “still a long way to go and we need to build on the successes of the past two weeks”.


The coalition has created a hugely successful campaign, forcing some companies to raise the price they pay for milk. Retailers have been at the centre of the pricing storm, but there have been indications that caterers will be next in the firing line.


David Handley, from Farmers for Action, added: “We will also be putting the spotlight on those retailers, including Iceland, Farmfoods and other food businesses which have refused to meet minimum costs of production for liquid milk.”


The NFU list can be found here