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Study shows gender balanced teams perform better

Gender balanced management teams achieve better results across a range of performance indicators, according to a new report by Sodexo.

The global, five-year study of 50,000 Sodexo employees found that teams managed by a balanced mix of men and women were more successful in areas including employee engagement and health and safety.

Gender-balanced management reported an employee engagement rate that was 14% higher than other entities. Client retention rates were 9% higher, and the number of accidents decreased by 12%.

The study examined women across all levels of management – not just upper-level leadership positions – in order to investigate the ‘pipeline’ that will ultimately affect gender balance at the top tier of businesses.

“By putting our head above the parapet and actually conducting research on our own workforce, we have been able to prove that gender-balanced leadership not only makes business sense, but can enhance the quality of life of our employees,” said Sean Haley, chairman, Sodexo UK & Ireland.

Women represent 50% of Sodexo’s board, while 32% of senior leadership positions are held by women globally – a 6% increase at the very top levels since 2013.

“Despite notable progress, we are fully aware more work needs to be done, which is why achieving gender balance is one of the three pillars of our Better Tomorrow 2025 vision,” said Haley.

The issue of equal pay for women is currently under the spotlight following the introduction of new government reporting requirements. Employers in Great Britain with more than 250 staff members have until 4 April to publish their gender pay gap.

In October, Sodexo reported an overall hourly gender pay difference of 12.6%.