Alex Salmond

  • Scotland announces new job opportunity creation for 16-24 year olds

    REPRESENTATIVES FROM over 75 Scottish businesses will meet at Glasgow’s Marriott Hotel on October 22nd 2014 to pledge job opportunities, apprenticeships and work placements for young job seekers and the long term unemployed in The Big Hospitality Conversation.    … Read More

  • It’s a No: Scotland to stay within the UK

    THE VOTES have been counted and verified and after months of hard campaigning, the people of Scotland have said ‘No’ to becoming an independent nation.                           A record… Read More

  • This is the one

    WITHIN A week Scotland will have decided whether to stay with the UK or go it alone. But what does this all mean for the food and drink sector, north and south of the border?          … Read More

  • Scotland accused of destroying salmon stocks

    A LEADING environmentalist has accused the Scottish Government of destroying the salmon-fishing industry through ‘unsustainable fin fish farms’.                   In an open letter to Holyrood, Orri Vigfusson chairman and founder of the… Read More