British Hospitality Association

  • Thousands more jobs in hospitality

    THE HOSPITALITY sector looks set to generate thousands more jobs as Pret A Manger and Whitbread both publish ambitious expansion plans.   Whitbread, which owns Premier Inn and Costa, announced an increase in like for like sales of 3.7% and… Read More

  • Little nudges make a big push

    FOODSERVICE BUSINESSES can take a lesson from giants like Coke and Asda in encouraging consumers to make healthier choices.                           In 2010 the top 10 UK food manufacturers… Read More

  • The next green thing: apprenticeships

    The apprentice: you’re hired                           Young guns   Convincing young homegrown talent to consider a career in the foodservice or hospitality sector has traditionally been an uphill struggle. The long,… Read More

  • Hospitality needs more recognition – WSH chief

    THE MOST powerful person in UK hospitality has claimed that the sector doesn’t get enough recognition and must do more to support British farmers.                   Alastair Storey, chairman and chief executive of… Read More

  • New food waste guide

    FOODSERVICE OPERATORS in Scotland will soon have a new guide designed to show them how to cut food waste in their operations.   The guide will look at ways of reducing this food waste at source and will cover all… Read More

  • Hospitality can deliver 300,000 new jobs

    HOSPITALITY AND tourism now accounts for over 10% of the UK’s workforce and is the fourth largest employing industry in the UK, according to new research published today.                        … Read More

  • 1,000 new jobs in hospitality

    SOME OF London’s top hotels have combined forces to pledge over 1,000 new job opportunities for young people by 2015. The roles will be a mix of work experience, apprenticeships and full-time jobs for 16-24 year olds.   The pledges… Read More

  • Horse meat testing expanded

    TESTING FOR horse meat will be extended to include stock cubes, stewing steak and gelatine. In all, 514 products will be tested, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has announced. The full results will be published.   The sampling for the… Read More

  • Compass and Whitbread find horse DNA

    THE FOODSERVICE sector has been dragged into the horse meat scandal with Compass and Whitbread having found horse DNA in products sold as beef. Horse meat has also been found in cottage pies supplied to 47 schools in Lancashire.  … Read More

  • Foodservice companies double efforts to check supplies

    FOODSERVICE COMPANIES have reacted to help calm concerned clients and customers following the horsemeat scandals.   So far the discovery of horse DNA has been limited to products in the retail supply chain, but foodservice companies assured that checks are… Read More