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    Why are food firms keeping quiet about an EU exit

    Food firms have so far been cagey on EU exit, but for most businesses Britain is surely better in than out. There are no prizes for guessing what issue will be at the axis of British political debate in 2016.… Read More

  • Subsidies to solar farms to be cut

    ENVIRONMENT SECRETARY Liz Truss has called solar farms “a blight on the landscape” and revealed plans to cut subsidies under new plans to ensure more land is dedicated to food production.                  … Read More

  • New details on CAP implementation announced

    ENVIRONMENT SECRETARY Elizabeth Truss has today announced further details of what the new CAP greening rules will mean for English farmers, whilst calling on the EU to provide urgent clarity on the outstanding issues and review the three crop rule.   The… Read More

  • State of the Union

    EU MEMBERSHIP is a hot political topic with the general election looming but what has Europe done for our food industry?                           With the general election looming large… Read More

  • Advertising laws still too soft on junk foods

    RULES DESIGNED to clamp down on online advertising  junk food to children have been slammed.   Two years on from extending the non-broadcast advertising rules to cover websites and social media, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is failing children. Food… Read More

  • EU vote threatens progress on green farming

    ENVIRONMENTALISTS ACCUSE MEP’S of watering down eco-friendly plans for Common Agricultural Policy.                           Much has been done to improve the environmental performance of agriculture, but a recent vote in… Read More