• Money to burn

    ENERGY COSTS for UK caterers could rise by 20% to over £920m by 2020, so why are they wasting so much?                      The Carbon Trust has revealed that caterers could save… Read More

  • CESA and CEDA join to meet sustainability challenges

    THE TWO leading trade associations representing catering equipment manufacturers and distributors have announced plans to work more closely together to drive down the sector’s carbon footprint.                     CESA, the Catering Equipment… Read More

  • New food waste guide

    FOODSERVICE OPERATORS in Scotland will soon have a new guide designed to show them how to cut food waste in their operations.   The guide will look at ways of reducing this food waste at source and will cover all… Read More

  • FootprintComment: Nick Oryino, chair of CESA says the skills shortage needs to be tackled now

    WE HAVE to tackle the workforce skills shortage and we have to start right now. Every area is suffering, in both the operator and supply side of our foodservice industry. From the kitchen to engineering, the lack of young skilled… Read More

  • FootprintComment: An energy efficiency specification for catering equipment is urgently needed

    The Catering Equipment Suppliers Association is calling on organisations, government offices and industry leaders to work together to push the green agenda.  New chair Nick Oryino explains why.                       LAST… Read More

  • Modern times

    REPRESENTATIVES OF leading manufacturers and suppliers of catering equipment give their views on where we are in terms of sustainability in the modern commercial kitchen and offer advice on what to look for. Kathy Bowry reports   As a nation… Read More