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  • Quarter of public have cut back on meat in the last year

    READY MEALS, and processed meat off the menu as generational shift in British diet becomes evident. 25% of British public say they are eating less meat than a year ago 34% are willing to consider eating less meat One in… Read More

  • The political print: The blame game

    NO SOONER had the horse meat scandal erupted than the blame game began. ’Twas ever thus. Every scandal needs a villain and there’s no more convenient villain than one that is unidentifiable.                … Read More

  • FootprintFeature: Salt, Sugar, Sweat

    WITH MASSIVE sponsorship from fast food companies and a veil of secrecy covering alternative catering, London 2012 was quickly titled ‘the junk food Olympics’. But was that an accurate moniker, and could it actually have a positive outcome?   Long… Read More