Claire Baker

  • A rotten year for public-sector food

    HORSE MEAT in school meals, pork in prisoners’ halal pies and a damning verdict on hospital catering have meant a troubled start to 2013 for catering companies.                          … Read More

  • SMP’s criticise Brakes and Sodexo over horse meat info

    SCOTTISH POLITICIANS have criticised catering companies Brakes and Sodexo for their failure to publicise information about who supplied them with products contaminated with horse meat.   In a national food policy debate in Scottish Parliament this week, attention turned to… Read More

  • School meals: Price ‘three times’ more important than quality

    THE TENDERING process for school catering in Scotland has come under attack during a debate in Scottish Parliament yesterday.   According to Labour MSP Claire Baker, price is “three times” more important to a contract than quality. Baker has urged… Read More