Climate Change Act

  • Universities trailing behind on emission targets

    UNIVERSITIES AND colleges in England will miss their collective 2020 carbon emissions reduction target by half based on new research projections.                           The Higher Education Funding Council for… Read More

  • Footprint Forum Report: City living is under threat

    CLIMATE CHANGE poses a real risk to the world’s growing urban populations, according to experts gathered at Footprint Forum.                     The sight recently of athletes running the Beijing marathon wearing gasmasks… Read More

  • ‘Scrap Climate Act’ says former Environment Secretary

    IN A SPEECH to the Global Warming Policy Foundation the former Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, claimed that the government’s green polices were ‘fatally flawed’ and that scrapping the Climate Change Act could be the answer to ‘keeping the lights on’.… Read More

  • Stretching the limits of sustainability

    FOOD BUSINESSES must be careful not to see target-setting as a competition.                           One of the most difficult tasks facing sustainability managers is how to set targets. “The… Read More

  • Up to us to make UK the greenest ever

    ANNUS HORRIBILIS is how George Monbiot, the environment writer, described 2012 in his first column of 2013. It was, he explained in the Guardian, the year we did our best to abandon the natural world.          … Read More