Committee on Climate Change

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    Behind the headlines: UK swims against the green tide

    Now the climate change deal has been signed in Paris new regulations are a long way down the Conservatives’ agenda. By the time you read this there may already be a global deal on climate change in place. The COP21 talks… Read More

  • Gov must act now to protect UK from increasing costs and impacts of climate change

    EARLY ACTION in the new Parliament is needed to preserve the fertility and organic content of soils and to counter the decline in productive farmland, the Committee on Climate Change has concluded this week. This was one of five recommendations… Read More

  • Labour’s vision for a green economic future

    NEW STATESMAN article by shadow chancellor Ed Balls MP   Tonight, at the annual Green Alliance debate, I will join an audience of business leaders, environmental campaigners and scientists to discuss Britain’s energy future.   Ten years ago, if you… Read More

  • Carbon food fight

    A NEW report suggests the UK is importing vast amounts of high-carbon products, including food.   Do you want the good news or the bad news? The good news is that carbon emissions from UK production have fallen by 20% in… Read More

  • MP’s urged to vote green not gas

    ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS have urged Liberal Democrat and Conservative MPs to back the green economy rather than a “dash for gas” in a critical Parliament vote tomorrow, June 4th.   On Tuesday, the much-delayed Energy Bill returns to Parliament. The Bill… Read More