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    Weathering the storm

    Political turmoil on both sides of the Atlantic means responsible businesses may have to go it alone. November was a month of extremes for those engaged in climate change. It started on a high when the Paris Agreement entered into… Read More

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    UK swims against the green tide

    Experts fear that Cameron and co are undermining the renewable energy sector just as it is most needed in the wake of the Paris deal. Can private initiatives fill the gap, asks Nick Hughes. It has been a rollercoaster few… Read More

  • News Review

    FOOD WASTE effecting wildlife; new look DEFRA; $1B in organic sales; overcapacity in foodservice and climate denial not dead.                           Food waste putting birds and fish at peril… Read More

  • News Review

    SPROUT POWER, giving up fizzy pop, protesting tip fees and COP21                   Sprout power  British households’ consume over 25 million Christmas puddings and 370 million mince pies over the festive period. But… Read More

  • Business must step up to back historic climate deal

    IT HAS BEEN an emotional start to the week. Saturday brought relief, tears, euphoria and cheers in Paris as the French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, brought down his gavel, and announced that a Paris agreement had been signed at COP21.… Read More

  • News review

    COP21, CADBURY’S pays no corp tax, low carbon farming, Britons eat record treats, Dad’s diet effects unborn kids and call for “responsible use of antibiotics” labelling   COP21 close to agreement   After long negotiations and late nights, there is… Read More

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    Behind the headlines: UK swims against the green tide

    Now the climate change deal has been signed in Paris new regulations are a long way down the Conservatives’ agenda. By the time you read this there may already be a global deal on climate change in place. The COP21 talks… Read More

  • Sustainable diets not on the menu in Paris

    REDUCING MEAT consumption does not feature in a single national emissions reduction plan submitted in advance of the COP21 climate change meeting in Paris.   Starting this week, the talks could see a new global deal struck to reduce greenhouse… Read More

  • Temperatures to rise one degree

    CLIMATE CHANGE triggered by temperatures warming by four degrees will put 5.9 million UK residents at risk from rising sea levels. A two-degree rise will threaten 3.9 million people. The findings, published by Climate Central, come as the UK’s Met… Read More