• Foodservice to get accurate price index

    FOODSERVICE OPERATORS will be able to access more relevant information on food price trends from December 2015. The Foodservice Price Index (FPI) has been developed as a more accurate and relevant alternative to the government’s Consumer Price Index (CPI). CPI data… Read More

  • UK shows first price deflation in 50 years

    FOR THE first time since March 1960, the UK has recorded a negative CPI figure, with overall CPI at -0.1% this month.                     According to the Office of National Statistics, prices… Read More

  • Food waste used to create graphene

    SCIENTISTS FROM the City University Hong Kong have discovered a way to turn food waste into a valuable plastic substance, graphene, which has the potential to revolutionise packaging innovation.                     In… Read More

  • Bag tax won’t work

    A NEW INDUSTRY group has been formed to try and bury the idea of a plastic bag tax once and for all.   The Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA), the Packaging and Films Association (PAFA), the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI)… Read More