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    Dairy dispute over healthy eating guidelines

    Experts call the new Eatwell Guide a step in the right direction, but industry objects to recommendations to consume less milk products. The government’s revision of what constitutes a healthy diet has created a bit of a stir. In March,… Read More

  • Water use in largest companies tracked

    MCDONALD’S, COCA-COLA and Tesco are among the 62 food and drink companies involved in the first ever assessment of corporate water management. In all, 700 of the world’s largest companies are expected to disclose information on their efforts to reduce… Read More

  • Dairy coalition commits to working strategy for British dairying

    THE DAIRY Coalition has committed to working together to deliver on its ten point strategy to help secure the long-term future of the British dairy industry.   Speaking today at the Livestock Event , NFU dairy board chairman Mansel Raymond… Read More