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    End of sugar quotas bad for obesity

    Health campaigners have suggested that scrapping the EU’s sugar quota regime could undermine the tax on sugar-sweetened drinks. Defra and the EU’s agriculture ministers are “gung-ho” for the new sugar regime, which will see quotas scrapped, said Tam Fry from… Read More

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    Food law in a post-Brexit world

    The vote means massive uncertainty for an industry dominated by EU rules, but it also brings big opportunities. By Dominic Watkins. For an industry that is almost 100% regulated by EU laws, the impact of Brexit could be substantial. Of course, my… Read More

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    Behind the Headlines: Tesco’s farm fudge

    The supermarket’s refresh of its fresh produce ranges using ‘fake’ farms has left a sour taste, but it won’t last for long, says David Burrows. Poor old Tesco: just when it seems to have come up with a decent idea,… Read More