• Germany to implement GM crop ban

    GERMANY IS planning to follow Scotland’s example of opting out of the block-wide EU GM license. This will allow them to block famers from using GM organisms. The move comes after new rules allow individual member states to stop farmers… Read More

  • UK must have ‘own say’ in GM production

    A NEW REPORT from the Government’s Science and Technology Committee has been published, which claims that the current EU policy on GM Crop production is ‘not fit for purpose’ and puts the UK ‘at risk’ of losing out.    … Read More

  • Is the time ripe for GM crops

    EUROPE IS ploughing a lone furrow free of genetically modified foods, but are politicians to blame and do consumers deserve a choice?               In 2003 Farmers Weekly ran a cover story and five-page analysis… Read More

  • GM production made more ‘flexible’

    THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT has passed a new law giving members states greater power to decide whether to produce genetically modified (GM) crops.                     This ruling marks a turnaround for the EU,… Read More

  • EC withdraws circular economy package

    THE EUROPEAN COMMISSON (EC) this week announced its intention to withdraw its circular economy package, claiming instead that it will put forward new ‘more ambitious’ plans.                     The announcement was made… Read More

  • EU is running an ecological deficit, says new Living Planet Report

    A CONTINUOUSLY rising demand for natural resources and increasing levels of CO₂ in the atmosphere by a growing population are putting tremendous pressures on our planet’s biodiversity, and are threatening our future security, health and well-being, reveals the 2014 edition of… Read More

  • European Commission boosts recycling targets for circular economy

    THE EUROPEAN Commission announced this week that it has adopted proposals to turn Europe into a more circular economy and boost recycling across the Member States by 2030.                       New… Read More

  • Storm in a teacup

    A COMPLEX array of packaging requirements have led to high volumes of substandard packaging entering Europe, say manufacturers. Foodservice and grocery firms therefore need to be alert to the potential health and environmental risks.            … Read More

  • State of the Union

    EU MEMBERSHIP is a hot political topic with the general election looming but what has Europe done for our food industry?                           With the general election looming large… Read More

  • New rules for pig meat inspection

    THE FOOD Standards Agency has started a six-week consultation on new rules for pig meat inspections which will come into force from June 2014.                     The new rules are set to… Read More