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    Glyphosate given temporary extension

    The European Commission has extended the licence for glyphosate for another 18 months until Europe’s chemical experts have reported back. Environmental campaigners have long criticised the weedkiller as a toxic pollutant, but recently attention has focused on the risk it… Read More

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    Glyphosate, the world’s leading weedkiller

    The herbicide plays a key role in modern farming but the EU is under growing pressure to ban it amid claims it causes cancer. What is glyphosate? Glyphosate is the world’s most widely used herbicide (weedkiller), not least because it’s… Read More

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    Latest of Footprint Magazine Out Now

    On the cover: The Glyphos-gate affair; Reviews: Dutch diets & food fraud; Research: The food market of the future, according to consumers; Marketing: Tesco’s false farm; Politics: Disjointed policy thinking on food; Sugar tax: is this just the beginning of tough regulation?; Insight: Why food firms… Read More

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    MEPs back glyphosate

    MEPs have defied a majority of Europeans who want to see the herbicide glyphosate banned in agriculture by voting in favour of its reauthorisation. The non-binding resolution was passed on Wednesday and represents a victory for farmers’ groups who have… Read More