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    Has consumer opinion of GM modified?

    With two weeks to go until the EU referendum I wasn’t expecting an evening debate on genetically modified (GM) foods to have people bashing the door down at the Royal Society’s Edinburgh branch. The usual suspects – Greenpeace, Friends of… Read More

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    IT APPEARS THAT all 19 government requests for bans of GM crop cultivation are expected to go unchallenged by biotech companies, paving the way for two thirds of the EU’s farmland and population to remain GM-free. According to information it… Read More

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    Disposable cutlery ban France could soon say “non” to plastic cutlery. The National Assembly has voted in favour of a ban on disposable forks, spoons and plates from 2020. A ban on plastic bags could also come in to force… Read More

  • News review

    EU majority bans GM England is set to be surrounded by GM-free zones, with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all having requested opt-outs from cultivation of GM crops. In all, 19 member states have informed the European Commission that they… Read More

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    Carney on climate The Bank of England’s governor caused quite a stir with a speech about climate change this week. Speaking at a Lloyd’s of London insurance event Mark Carney referred to climate change as “the tragedy of the horizon”.… Read More

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    ANOTHER COUNTRY bans GM, Pressure on coffee companies, New soy tool, Calculating calories for menus, Fossil fuel divestment. Northern Ireland says no to GM Northern Ireland has become the latest country to ban GM crops. Stormont’s environment minister Mark Durkan… Read More

  • Germany to implement GM crop ban

    GERMANY IS planning to follow Scotland’s example of opting out of the block-wide EU GM license. This will allow them to block famers from using GM organisms. The move comes after new rules allow individual member states to stop farmers… Read More

  • Scotland bans GM

    SCOTLAND HAS moved to ban genetically modified (GM) crops citing “no evidence of significant demand” for them among consumers.                           Environment secretary Richard Lochhead said he will use… Read More

  • GM trial shows GM wheat no more pest-resistant than ordinary crops

    A NEW trial has found that a particular strain of GM wheat designed to repel aphids is no more pest resistant than ordinary crops. The two-year, publicly-funded trial, cost nearly £3m to run. Research costs were £730,000, but a further… Read More

  • NFU rejects re-nationalising decision-making on GM feed

    THE NFU is extremely concerned by the European Commission’s proposal to re-nationalise decision-making power on GM feed or food back to Member States.                            Dr Helen Ferrier, NFU… Read More