Green Food Project

  • My viewpoint: Sue Dibb talks about new sustainable diet guidelines

    NEW SUSTAINABLE diet guidelines are welcome but ministers need to make the advice official to help both food businesses and the public make informed choices, says Sue Dibb.   In July the government published a landmark report. But there was… Read More

  • Digesting the diet debate

    CAVE PAINTINGS never showed people eating carrots – so the argument for meat eating goes. In fact, humans remained largely carnivorous until fairly recently. Today, our simple gut of a single stomach, medium-length small intestine and short colon is “typical of… Read More

  • Getting change on the table…fast

    PERSUADING PEOPLE to eat sustainably could take time that we don’t have. The government’s Green Food Project is tackling the big question of what to do right now.   What will our food industry look like in 2050? It’s a… Read More

  • NEW ‘Honours’ Reward Healthy Best Practice Within Foodservice

    First ever ‘Health & Vitality Honours’ launched – a brand new scheme specially created to establish a platform for foodservice businesses to showcase healthy best practice.                         Open for… Read More

  • Hard choice to swallow

    POLITICIANS FEAR the idea. Environmentalists love it. Consumers don’t understand it. And businesses are beginning to trial it. David Burrows investigates the controversial concept of sustainable diets.   Obesity and diet-related illness are on the increase. Fewer young people are… Read More

  • Shrinking wallets producing expanding waistlines

    WITH FOOD prices on the rise and the UK in tough economic times, consumers have turned to low cost, processed foods, according to a new study.   Britain’s Changing Diet in Difficult Times, compiled by Waste Watch, shows how this… Read More

  • Sodexo’s Tony Cooke on the challenges faced in the shift of dietary culture

    FOLLOWING LAST weeks publication of the Government’s Green Food Project report, which has been tasked with making “the whole food chain as sustainable as possible”, Sodexo’s Tony Cooke talks candidly about the challenges faced by the foodservice industry in changing the… Read More

  • Government to tackle sustainable diets

    THE FOODSERVICE sector has a “major role” to play in influencing consumer choice and shifting people to more sustainable, healthier diets.   New government project also commits to debate on GM   That’s according to a new government study into… Read More