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    M&S: the big sustainability push

    With single-use packaging in politicians’ sights, the retailer’s circular economy lead talks to Footprint about plans to cut waste to zero. By David Burrows. It’s 14 months since Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall launched his offensive against the coffee shop chains and single-use… Read More

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    Spider-Man’s power and sticking up for foodservice.

    IGD has forecast that the food-to-go market is set to rocket in the next five years. Sales will hit £21.7 billion by 2021, compared with a meagre £16.1 billion this year. There will be more options at supermarkets and garage… Read More

  • Scotland bans GM

    SCOTLAND HAS moved to ban genetically modified (GM) crops citing “no evidence of significant demand” for them among consumers.                           Environment secretary Richard Lochhead said he will use… Read More

  • Space age is over for supermarkets

    SHOPPERS ARE turning away from megastores towards convenience. Combines with growing urban populations and stricter regulations on emissions this will test supply chain logistics to the max.                          … Read More

  • Initiative launched to reduce waste

    FOOD RESEARCH and training charity IGD has launch a new initiative called ‘Working on Waste’ bringing together food and grocery companies throughout the month in a co-ordinated bid to help their employees reduce household food waste.        … Read More

  • Round in circles

    WHEN THE government doesn’t know what to do, it tends to call for a review. And that’s exactly what it did after the horse meat scandal, with Professor Chris Elliott heading an “independent review of Britain’s food system”. He’s expected to provide some interim findings next month,… Read More