Joan Walley

  • EC withdraws circular economy package

    THE EUROPEAN COMMISSON (EC) this week announced its intention to withdraw its circular economy package, claiming instead that it will put forward new ‘more ambitious’ plans.                     The announcement was made… Read More

  • EAC calls for commitment to sustainable targets

    PARLIAMENT’S GREEN watchdog warns Government not to reduce number of Sustainable Development Goals to be agreed at UN talks in 2015.                     Following a report that David Cameron wants to reduce the number… Read More

  • Government rejects circular economy recommendations

    THE MEMBERS of the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) have accused the UK Government of burying its head in the sand, after its recommendations on circular economy were rejected.                   In its report… Read More

  • Government given ‘red card’ for environment efforts

    THE UK GOVERNMENT has been given a ‘red card’ by the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) for failing to reduce air pollution, protect biodiversity and prevent flooding after it assessed green efforts made since 2010.            … Read More

  • MP’s call for pesticide ban to save bees

    THE GOVERNMENT must introduce a precautionary moratorium on three pesticides linked to the decline of pollinators like honeybees, according to a powerful committee of MPs.                   The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC), Parliament’s… Read More

  • Hard choice to swallow

    POLITICIANS FEAR the idea. Environmentalists love it. Consumers don’t understand it. And businesses are beginning to trial it. David Burrows investigates the controversial concept of sustainable diets.   Obesity and diet-related illness are on the increase. Fewer young people are… Read More