Justin King

  • Justin King steps down from Sainsbury’s

    SAINSBURY’S TODAY announces that Justin King has decided to step down in July 2014 after 10 years as CEO, and that Mike Coupe, currently the group commercial director, will succeed him as CEO.   David Tyler, chairman said: “Justin is… Read More

  • Professor Andre Spicer comments on a new sensitivity in CEO’s

    THE MANNER of Justin King’s departure from Sainsbury’s shows a new sensitivity to the image of greedy fat cat bosses, says Professor Andre Spicer of Cass Business School.   Justin King is leaving at about the right time. CEOs who… Read More

  • A peek behind the Golden Arches

    MCDONALD’S HAS decided to open its supply chain up to the public but is it a genuine attempt to be more transparent or a marketing stunt?                           At… Read More

  • Water not a corporate concern

    WATER WILL run out before oil. So claimed Nestlé chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe not long ago. More recently, Justin King, Sainsbury’s chief, used his lecture at this year’s City Food Lecture to highlight water as potentially the biggest environmental concern facing… Read More