• Political stand-off reflected in fresh sustainability ratings for the nation’s favourite pelagic fish

    ONLY MACKEREL caught by the best method is given revised ‘fish to eat’ rating by the Marine Conservation Society.   The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has refined its ratings for mackerel to help consumers better differentiate between the various fisheries… Read More

  • Expert analysis on mackerel by Paul Cox

    IN RECENT years, mackerel has been celebrated by chefs and conservationists as healthy, cheap, sustainable and locally caught – the way out of our addiction to cod. We took to it with gusto and before we know it the species… Read More

  • No return for the mack?

    FEARS OF overfishing may put mackerel’s comeback on hold as customers face a tough choice between eating healthily and sustainably.   What a difference two years make. This time in 2011, mackerel was riding on the crest of a wave… Read More

  • Gurnard and mackerel no longer sustainable

    AFTER YEARS of being a popular sustainable choice, mackerel should no longer be appearing so regularly on menus.     The oily fish, which is packed with Omega 3, has been removed from the Marine Conservation Society’s (MCS) latest Fish… Read More