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    Black and white issue

    Farmers have launched a new brand of free-range milk with a distinctive black top. Is it really the next green thing? Free-range milk? All milk is free range, isn’t it? No. More and more cows are being kept inside for… Read More

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    In defence of dairy

    Milk alternatives beware: the dairy sector is fighting back. A report published today by the Dairy All-Party Parliamentary Group calls on the Department of Health to introduce a ‘3-a-day’ scheme for milk and dairy consumption. “The UK must put dairy… Read More

  • News in review – health, bees, milk, water and sugar updates

    HEALTH. OBESITY has been in the news again this week. New research suggests the obesity crisis could be partly driven by women having fewer children as first born children are 29% more likely to be overweight as adults. Meanwhile, according… Read More

  • Dairy farmers in crisis

    THE CRISIS in the dairy industry has hit the headlines again this week. There have been emergency meetings held in Stormont in response to the Northern Irish Dairy crisis.                   Milk prices… Read More

  • Vegetable inflation rate over 5% as food and drink inflation rates heads towards 2008 peak

    OPERATORS ARE being warned that they will need to take steps to mitigate the impact of a continued surge in food inflation, which is expected to rise further in 2013 and beyond.   An annual Food Inflation Report published by… Read More

  • Chefs support action on milk price

    JAMIE OLIVER and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall have thrown their weight behind the NFU’s SOS Dairy campaign calling for action on the current milk price crisis.   The pair today issued a joint letter to The Times saying they are “shocked” that… Read More

  • Putting Milk First

    Footprint met up with Tim Innocent, Head of Purchasing – Direct Materials, Nestle UK – to talk about the company’s approach to sourcing milk sustainably as part of its ‘Creating Shared Value’ approach to business.   Nestle’s philosophy is to… Read More