• Foodservice Footprint F40-p20 Opening shots in a palm oil war Green Scene Green Scene  WWF RSPO news-email Nestlé Mondolez IOI

    Opening shots in a palm oil war

    Suspension from the RSPO has knocked supplier IOI but it’s the kicking from its customers that hurts most – and big food brands kick hard when their sustainability reputation is at risk. The IOI Group’s chief executive officer, Dato’ Lee… Read More

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    The Review

    Meat cuts, food fraud and dodgy palm oil. Sustainable diets: Three cheers for Holland The Netherlands’ Nutrition Centre has updated its dietary advice and has B advised a halving of meat consumption, to 500g per week. No more than 300g of… Read More

  • Foodservice Footprint shutterstock_48799291 Tax avoiders have hell to pay Features Features Foodservice Industry Briefing  Tax Avoidance Starbucks Richard Murphy PwC PAC Mondolez HMRC Cadbury Andrew Packman

    Tax avoiders have hell to pay

    Campaign groups, newspapers, MPs and even the European Commission are on the warpath. Can companies afford to keep dodging the Revenue? In December, Starbucks declared its largest ever UK profit and its biggest tax bill. Three years after the company… Read More

  • Aramark’s Enterprise Day brings catering to life for students

    THE INDUSTRIES concerns about the sustainability of human resource and future talent are no secret and Aramark has brought the worlds of catering and hospitality to life for Chichester College students in an annual ‘Enterprise Day’.        … Read More

  • Palm oil progress

    DEMAND IS growing for sustainable oil but many companies still aren’t doing their bit.                     Demand for Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) is outstripping supply for the first time. New data from… Read More