• Big brands honoured for bringing veganism to the masses

    ANIMAL RIGHTS charity PETA has announced its first ever Vegan Food Awards winners, after extensive taste tests of meat and dairy-free products available across the retail and hospitality sector.   The new awards scheme aims to provide credible information for… Read More

  • Is lab-created meat the future?

    SCIENTISTS HAVE PAVED the way for further ‘in vitro’ meat experiments, after the world’s first ‘test tube’ burger was sampled by two leading food experts – and given the thumbs up.   Scientists at the University of Maastrich, led by… Read More

  • Brakes takes foie gras off the menu

    LEADNG FOODSERVICE provider Brakes Group UK has today (19th July) confirmed it will no longer offer foie gras once its current stock has sold out.   This decision comes after Brakes Group UK was contacted by animal cruelty charity and… Read More

  • Pasties and pies, death and taxes

    MORE BAD news for pie and pasty-makers this week thanks to a new campaign by Peta (the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).   The pro-vegetarian group placed a huge billboard ad in Gloucester, replete with a huge coffin-shaped… Read More