Peter Kendall

  • Farming is beating recession in the UK, new report reveals

    A NEW REPORT from the National Farmers Union (NFU) has revealed that the agricultural industry in the UK is bucking the recession trend and delivering for the nation’s economy.               The new report ‘Backing… Read More

  • Farm to Fork visits open to every primary school in the UK

    EVERY PRIMARY school in the UK will be given the chance to learn more about food and where it comes from as part of a major new food education programme launched today.                … Read More

  • Government must invest in agriculture as part of climate change solution, says NFU

    THE NATIONAL Farmers Union (NFU) has called on the government to increase investment and support in agriculture, as it reveals that British farmers are on target to meet greenhouse gas emission reduction targets by 2020.          … Read More

  • NFU calls on public to back self-sufficiency drive

    THE NATIONAL FARMERS Union (NFU) is urging the public to back a campaign to help stem the decreases in agricultural self-sufficiency.   Research shows that the UK produces just 62% of its own food; in quantitative terms this means that… Read More

  • Government must look at sustainable diets

    THE GOVERNMENT must use its buying standards to communicate and evolve the concept of sustainable diets. This includes the consumption of less meat, an idea that is currently “not necessarily on politicians’ radars” given that they are fearful of telling… Read More

  • Steering farmers through the storm

    NATIONAL FARMERS UNION leader Peter Kendall has seen members endure a miserable 10 months but concerns over food security, prices and sourcing in the wake of the horse meat scandal could offer new opportunities, he tells David Burrows.    … Read More

  • NFU chief attacks “hypocritical” government buying standards

    THE NFU has long fought for better relationships between retailers and farmers, but its president also has the government’s buying practices in his sights.   In an exclusive interview, published in April’s Footprint, Peter Kendall refers to food procurement within… Read More

  • EU vote threatens progress on green farming

    ENVIRONMENTALISTS ACCUSE MEP’S of watering down eco-friendly plans for Common Agricultural Policy.                           Much has been done to improve the environmental performance of agriculture, but a recent vote in… Read More

  • 2013 harvest already ‘written off’?

    The National Farmers Union has confirmed that for the first time in a decade Britain will become a net importer of wheat.   NFU president Peter Kendall said more than two million tonnes of wheat had been lost  because of… Read More

  • Editor’s comment: NFU poll; 100% pointless

    THE NFU has published a poll this morning showing that, wait for it… consumers want more British food in restaurants and supermarkets.   According to the poll, 86% of shoppers are “as likely” or “more likely” to want to buy… Read More