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    Move to less meat boosts sales for Quorn

    The shift to flexitarian diets has resulted in bumper sales for meat substitute firm Quorn Foods. The company announced “unprecedented” results this week, along with a £150m investment in its Billingham facility, creating hundreds of jobs in Teesside and North… Read More

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    The power of plant-based protein

    Humans need protein in order to survive, but there has to be a change in the way we currently produce and consume it if we are to protect our environment and our health, says Forum for the Future’s Simon Billing.… Read More

  • Meaty issues – experts debate the future of food

    THE YORK Festival of Ideas will launch the first World Meat Free Day campaign by hosting an alternative meat free breakfast for staff and students on 15 June.                       The… Read More

  • Little nudges make a big push

    FOODSERVICE BUSINESSES can take a lesson from giants like Coke and Asda in encouraging consumers to make healthier choices.                           In 2010 the top 10 UK food manufacturers… Read More

  • New health campaign

    A BRAND NEW campaign exposing the “hidden nasties” in everyday foods and helping people become “food smart” has been launched by the Department of Health.   The campaign, which comes on the back of new research showing that UK consumers… Read More

  • Sustainable Diets

    ENCOURAGING CONSUMERS to adopt sustainable diets is important for health, environmental and social reasons. But there is difficulty in defining what such a diet is and how to communicate this to the consumer in a way they can engage with… Read More