Radio 4

  • Poisonous frog

    THE LITTLE green frog took a bit of a kicking in a recent episode of BBC’s File on Four. The programme visited a number of tea plantations certified by the Rainforest Alliance and found underage workers, people spraying chemicals without protective… Read More

  • Jamie’s School dinners – 10 years on

    10 YEARS after TV’s Jamie’s School Dinners, the BBC’s The Food Programme assesses progress made.                     A key development is that from being seen as ‘liberal and wishy washy’, policy makers… Read More

  • Freedom from information

    FARMING MINISTER Jim Paice has told pubs, restaurants and caterers that they should tell diners which countries their food is from.                               Defra demands action from… Read More

  • ‘The Obesity Games’

    JUNK FOOD brands should be excluded from sponsoring sporting events, according to the Children’s Food Campaign.     London 2012 sponsors attacked in new report   In a hard-hitting new report, the campaigning group claims that the power of corporate… Read More