• ReFood launches industry-first food waste scholarship

    REFOOD HAS announced the industry’s first dedicated scholarship programme to inspire the next generation of sustainable students.                   ‘Sustainable Visionaries’, will see undergraduates from across the UK compete to demonstrate why they… Read More

  • Waste costs are no joke for hospitality industry

    THE HOSPITALITY sector is set to spend an extra £32 million pounds this year sending food waste to landfill, according to the UK ’s leading food waste recycler, ReFood. Landfill tax increased by £8 per tonne on 1st April 2014,… Read More

  • Bin barrier to waste recycling

    SOME COMPANIES are getting a raw deal from collection contracts which offer little incentive to prevent food from ending up in landfill.                    The profit sector is getting a much better deal… Read More

  • Waste collections – Are you losing out?

    THE GENERAL waste collection model used by contractors to foodservice businesses needs to go, says Dean Pearce, regional commercial manager at ReFood.   The Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) estimates that within the profit sector of the hospitality industry… Read More

  • Restaurant benefits from food waste collection

    REFOOD, A food waste recycling specialist has won its first contract in the South West of England. Restaurant Poolside Indulgence has demonstrated its commitment to improving the environment by partnering with ReFood to recycle all of the generated food waste.… Read More

  • PDM invest in food recycling capabilities

    THE UK’S LARGEST food waste recycling company PDM has announced its plan to spend more than £90 million on its British operations before the end of 2014.   As well as the £44 million being invested in brand new anaerobic… Read More