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    Poll shows support for tougher sugar regulations

    Nearly three in four Brits want the government to force the food industry to cut the sugar content of foods. The poll, by BMG research for the Huffington Post, showed that only 10% don’t want tougher reformulation laws. Support for… Read More

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    Councils sweet on teaspoon labels for sugar

    Local authorities want fizzy drinks to carry labels showing sugar content in teaspoons. The idea, also promoted by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, would “spell out” how much sugar the drinks contained, the Local Government Association said. “On average, it takes… Read More

  • The 10 big issues for 2016

    SUGAR AND supply chains, pay rises and publicity: the topics that’ll dominate the industry’s agenda in the new year.                   1 Guns stay fixed on sugar   Sugar leapfrogged salt and saturated fat… Read More

  • Message in a bottle

    Innocent MD Nick Canney talks sugar, thirsty strawberries, imperfect pineapples and staying true to its roots. By Amy Fetzer.                   Innocent is an interesting brand. It wants to be your friend, and… Read More

  • News in review – health, bees, milk, water and sugar updates

    HEALTH. OBESITY has been in the news again this week. New research suggests the obesity crisis could be partly driven by women having fewer children as first born children are 29% more likely to be overweight as adults. Meanwhile, according… Read More

  • Some fruit snacks have more sugar than sweets

    NEW RESEARCH has revealed that 85% of processed fruit snacks contain more sugar per 100g than sweets, such as Haribo Star Mix, even though many parents think the snacks are a healthy choice.              … Read More

  • Minister’s viewpoint

    IN THE past year, barely a week has gone by without lively debate over the potential impact that salt, fat, and in particular sugar can have on our bodies.                       … Read More

  • Sugar should be slashed further, experts say

    SUGAR INTAKE should be further restricted to just 3% of energy intake a day according to new research carried out by University College London and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.              … Read More

  • Sugar tax could tackle rising obesity

    DAME SALLY DAVIES, Chief Medical Officer for England, has said that a sugar tax may have to be introduced to help reduce the rising obesity figures.                            … Read More

  • Oxfam land report names and shames big brands

    A NEW REPORT by Oxfam on the use of land for sugar crops in developing countries makes claims that some of the biggest food and drink brands in the world are not doing enough to stop poor people from being… Read More