Sustainable Diets

  • Foodservice Footprint F42-Sustainable-diets Labels v taxes: which way to cut carbon? Next Green Thing  UN ENvironment Programme TIFSIP Tesco Sustainable Diets news-email MSC Michael Dickstein Fairtrade Dr Stephen Clune Dr Marco Pringmann COP22 Anne Lykkeskov

    Labels v taxes: which way to cut carbon?

    Politicians need to encourage a shift to sustainable diets in the fight against climate change. The big question is how. What does a kilo of greenhouse gases buy you in the supermarket? Researchers at Lancaster University and RMIT in Melbourne,… Read More

  • Foodservice Footprint P9-image005 Sodexo boosts veg content with ‘Green & Lean’ offer Foodservice News and Information Out of Home sector news  Sustainable Diets Sodexo news-email Green & Lean Emanuel School

    Sodexo boosts veg content with ‘Green & Lean’ offer

    Sodexo has launched a new sustainable meals offer in its independent schools business following a successful pilot last year. The Green & Lean meals are the product of a partnership with WWF-UK and are aimed at reducing the environmental impact… Read More

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    Sustainable diets in a post-Brexit world

    Britain is a long way from being self-sufficient – and now is the time to reshape the food industry with health and sustainability in mind, writes Duncan Williamson. Food – how we grow, rear and catch it and what we… Read More

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    Public the loser in foolhardy fat fight

    Making healthy food choices is hard enough at the best of times such is the onslaught of messaging imploring us to choose one product over another. But when even public health professionals can’t agree on the most basic of nutritional… Read More

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    Putting a price on sustainable diets

    What is a sustainable diet? It’s a question the government is yet to answer but can it hold out much longer? “Imbalanced diets, such as those low in fruits and vegetables, and high in red and processed meat, are responsible… Read More

  • Sustainable diets not on the menu in Paris

    REDUCING MEAT consumption does not feature in a single national emissions reduction plan submitted in advance of the COP21 climate change meeting in Paris.   Starting this week, the talks could see a new global deal struck to reduce greenhouse… Read More

  • The diet dilemma

    BALANCING health and sustainability and obesity’s global toll.                 The debate regarding the make-up of a sustainable diet is likely to rage on into 2015. A recent paper published in the journal Current… Read More

  • Quarter of public have cut back on meat in the last year

    READY MEALS, and processed meat off the menu as generational shift in British diet becomes evident. 25% of British public say they are eating less meat than a year ago 34% are willing to consider eating less meat One in… Read More

  • Could chefs make sustainable food sexy?

    CELEBRITY CHEFS were recently branded as a “hidden contributing factor to Britain’s obesity epidemic” in a  paper published in the Food and Public Health journal. Their recipes contained “excessive amounts of total fat, sugars and salt” which were influencing the… Read More

  • FootprintComment: Paul Williams of the Well Hung Meat Company explains why we need to eat “less but better” meat

    THE IDEA of eating less meat has been a difficult one for politicians, businesses and consumers to swallow. But a more sensible debate is emerging and even meat companies are promoting the need to eat “less but better” meat, as… Read More