The Political Print

  • The Political Print

    IT’S ALWAYS easier to promise when you’re in opposition: just ask Nick Clegg, or for that matter David Cameron.                       The latter used his four minutes at the UN climate… Read More

  • The Political Print

    THE QUESTION of how to feed the world is almost overwhelming in its complexity and it deservedly receives much attention from politicians, businesses and civil society. From out of the pack, the concept of “sustainable intensification” has emerged as the… Read More

  • The political print: The blame game

    NO SOONER had the horse meat scandal erupted than the blame game began. ’Twas ever thus. Every scandal needs a villain and there’s no more convenient villain than one that is unidentifiable.                … Read More

  • The political print

    THE COALITION has reached the halfway stage of its term in office, and the promise to be “the greenest government ever” is proving a heavy burden to carry.   In the government’s recent mid-term review document, the first acknowledgement of the… Read More