• Food for thought

    IN THE March issue of Footprint, Nestlé’s head of agriculture, Hans Jöhr, proclaimed that “we cannot certify or label people out of poverty”.                   In reality, “shared value” wouldn’t even be on Nestlé’s… Read More

  • Leaf rust: Coffee calamity

    LAST COFFEE season saw a massive outbreak of a devastating fungus that seemed to take everyone by surprise says Xavier Hamon, Climate and Environment Officer, Twin.                   The coffee leaf rust epidemic stretched… Read More

  • New report finds recognising and investing in women farmers is good for business and development

    MANY BUSINESSES are unaware of the crucial role women play in supplying the ingredients they depend on for their products, as this contribution is often unrecognised, unpaid and invisible, says a new report Empowering Women Farmers in Agricultural Value Chains… Read More

  • Why food companies need to support climate change adaption

    September’s Foodservice Footprint will reveal the findings of a new government report showing that businesses are slow in adapting to climate change – especially the opportunities it provides. Here, Jessica Frank, climate change project manager at Twin, explains why adaptation… Read More