University of York

  • New study narrows the gap between climate models and reality

    A NEW study led by a University of York scientist addresses an important question in climate science: how accurate are climate model projections?                       Climate models are used to estimate… Read More

  • Time for an oil change

    BIOLOGISTS AT the University of York are part of a new initiative to review the standards for sustainable palm oil. Jennifer Lucey, a researcher in the biology department, explains the challenges ahead and her hopes for the project.    … Read More

  • Who’s top when it comes to sustainable fish?

    CHEFS HAVE huge influence over what people cook at home – not least through their books. Research at the University of York has shown that some of the top names are promoting sustainable fish significantly more now than they were… Read More

  • Chefs challenged on their seafood sustainability

    RESEARCHERS FROM the University of York have ranked the top ten celebrity cookbooks in order of the sustainability of the seafood they feature.                   Books published by some of the leading chefs… Read More