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Vacherin smashes zero waste target

Vacherin has hit its target of becoming a zero waste-to-landfill organisation more than a year earlier than scheduled.

In April 2016, the specialist London caterer set itself the target of sending zero waste to landfill by 2018; however a recent waste audit confirmed it had met its ambition well ahead of schedule.

Packaging and food waste is now exclusively recycled and reprocessed into new products, sent to compost and anaerobic digestion, or sent to an incinerator to generate electricity for London homes.

Vacherin said it would now switch its focus to achieving its second target of an 80% recycling rate by 2018. Its recycling rate currently stands at 70%, which compares favourably with the industry average of 57% reported by signatories to WRAP’s HaFSA in December 2015.

Over three quarters of Vacherin’s sites now have food waste recycling in place, and it has plans to extend this service.

“This shows once again that businesses can maintain the highest service standards; have best-in-class societal and environmental policies; and enjoy commercial success all at the same time,” said Simon Macfarlane, Vacherin’s head of operations.