Big Business – Small Business Values

M&J Seafood, the UK’s largest independent seafood supplier, offers the widest range of fresh and frozen seafood in the foodservice market. From its network of 12 branches located throughout the UK, M&J Seafood is passionate about supplying customers with top quality fish and seafood, offering outstanding local service, a bespoke filleting service and unrivalled expert advice.

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Partnerships with skippers


M&J Seafood works in close partnership, through ‘our British Skippers Daily Catch’ Scheme, with specifically selected skippers and boats around Britain to ensure that consumers get the finest quality fresh fish, caught responsibly. Through the scheme M&J Seafood receives reports directly from the fishermen, advising exactly when the boat is going to land, ensuring it has access to the best of their catch.


There are a range of different boats in the scheme, from inshore day boats to larger vessels that fish at sea, where only the best of the last day’s catch is reserved for M&J Seafood and its customers.




M&J Seafood is committed to the use of sustainable seafood and was the first in foodservice to offer Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) approved products. They responsibly source and supply from well-managed and sustainable fisheries, sourcing products within UK and international regulatory guidelines, while maintaining a commitment to actively promoting greater variety and under-utilised species.


Expert fishmongers


M&J Seafood’s fishmongers are experts in the art of filleting and skilfully prepare the fish to exact customer requirements during the night, for delivery fresh the very next morning, six days a week. For the second year in a row an M&J Seafood fishmonger won the title of British Fish Craft Champion at the prestigious National Federation of Fishmongers Fish Craft Championships. M&J Seafood fishmongers won fourteen awards at the event, proving their commitment to providing customers with top quality service, as well as fish.


Tally initiative


M&J Seafood is proud of its award winning fishmongers, so much so that a personalised ‘Tally’ initiative has been introduced. When a customer receives their order they will find a tally slip inside the box, giving them the name of the fishmonger who prepared it. M&J Seafood’s fishmongers are experts, and proud of their skills, something that we believe should be shared with our customers.


Martin Bott, Chief Executive Officer, M&J Seafood, said: “As a company we are incredibly proud of both our fish and the fact we have the best fishmongers in the country working for us. Each of our trained fishmongers is also proud to now be able to put their name to each order as they share our passion for top quality fish and expert, personal service.”


The website features information and advice for those who wish to enhance their knowledge of filleting and fish and seafood preparation; as well as information about M&J Seafood’s commitment to sustainability and how to purchase the finest fish at the best of today’s market prices.