• Less is More

    Steve Kelsey   Steve Kelsey, an expert in sustainable branding with consultancy Pi Global, explains how to add meaning to ethical labelling.     ONE OF the paradoxes involved in designing for brands is that you learn early on that… Read More

  • Eat Less… Taste More

    The food supply chains of the future will be closer aligned, more efficient and produce nutritious, low impact food at the right price. Diana Spellman, managing director at catering procurement specialist, Partners in Purchasing, outlines her view of the future.… Read More

  • WWF-UK One Planet Food Programme

      “At the beginning of January, WWF-UK gathered an audience of policymakers, academics, food industry associations and NGOs to present the findings of a new report. However, instead of highlighting a new environmental threat to habitats or species, this report… Read More

  • SOAPBOX – On the Up

    Emiliana Silvestri finds out she can now purchase a handbag made from rubbish rather than just filling one with it. It is now time to start upcycling.   So, you’ve insulated your house, replaced all the bad lightbulbs with good… Read More

  • Water Void

    Businesses can play a key role in improving the management of water supplies and reducing their impact on biodiversity and society, writes Toby Pickard, a Sustainability Business Analyst at IGD Companies. Although awareness of the importance of water is increasing,… Read More

  • Wagner & Sustainability

    Rory Sutherland, in a July column about climate change in The Spectator, concluded “Perhaps right-wing people can learn to like environmentalism the way left-wing people learn to like Wagner – by separating the outcome from the motivation”. Whilst I don’t necessarily… Read More

  • Why Farming Matters

    …to the nation’s economy, environment and our health.   In contradiction to the idea that food production is one of the major scourges on the environment, the NFU firmly believes that agriculture is actually part of the solution to climate… Read More

  • Cutting The Crop

    In her first interview as Environment Secretary,Caroline Spelman, who has a background in biotech lobbying, has indicated the new coalition government’s unprecedented pro-GM stance, backing wider selling and growing of so called ‘Frankenfood’ and bringing this highly contentious issue once… Read More

  • What Price on the Future?

    There is also good evidence to show that environmental initiatives are producing business efficiencies that are enabling firms to gain a competitive edge and, subsequently, creating greater value for shareholders. Read More

  • Meat of the Matter

    With increasing demand for protein from those parts of the world where a vegetable-based diet has been the historical norm, questions are being raised as to the environmental impact of the burgeoning livestock industry.   You name it, whether we… Read More