FootprintComment: Tracey Rogers of UFS talks about food waste

ONE YEAR on, Tracey Rogers, managing director of Unilever Food Solutions comments exclusively to about the impact of United Against Waste. 

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“A year ago we called upon the industry to unite to tackle the issue of avoidable food waste, as part of our United Against Waste campaign. Why? Because the staggering 400,000 tonnes of avoidable food waste thrown out every year is everyone’s responsibility – from suppliers through to operators. Working together to operate effectively, efficiently and sustainably is key to reducing the amount of food that is discarded.


“To provide an easy-to-use solution for the industry, we teamed with the Sustainable Restaurant Association to develop a downloadable toolkit, packed with practical tools, tips and resources to manage waste – all of which are completely free to download. To date, more than 800 toolkits have been downloaded across the country and over 1,500 have watched the inspirational films on our video wall, which encourages customers to share just how effective the audit, tracking sheets and charts are in helping caterers save money. From the Kings Valley Hotel in Galway cutting seven per cent off their purchasing list each month to Frimley Hall Hotel in Camberley saving up to £100, there’s certainly a lot to gain from operating responsibly.


“Following the launch of our campaign, we’ve been busy working with WRAP which launched its Voluntary Agreement for the foodservice and hospitality industry this summer. Not only are we a supporter signatory, we’ve also showed our support by sharing our Wise up on Waste toolkit to help other businesses get ahead.


“We’ve worked alongside our customers to develop bespoke activities to support their businesses. For example, we’ve created a series of kitchen management workshops as part of a training schedule for BaxterStorey; we’re in the process of launching a street food concept with ISS Food and Hospitality where the toolkit will appear within a manual on how to reduce waste, and we’re working with Elior to include the waste management resources in its new ChU workbook to demonstrate to its different sites the best way to save on food waste.


“There’s still a lot to be done in this area which is why we’re continuing this campaign; we’re fully aware that the industry can’t eliminate food waste levels overnight. But, we know we’ve made great progress in helping businesses – big and small – recognise that addressing this issue will not only help the environment but also save them money. A message that everyone understands and appreciates in this rocky climate.”


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