• FootprintComment: Beware of portion distortion

    Peter Grove, organiser of National Eating Out/In Week, explains the beauty of diversity but warns of our tendency to over-feed.   NATIONAL EATING Out/In Week took place to celebrate the diversity of international cuisines in Britain and raise money for… Read More

  • Water not a corporate concern

    WATER WILL run out before oil. So claimed Nestlé chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe not long ago. More recently, Justin King, Sainsbury’s chief, used his lecture at this year’s City Food Lecture to highlight water as potentially the biggest environmental concern facing… Read More

  • Are chefs up for a food waste fight?

    First ever FootprintChannel debate highlights “cost, culture and communication” as key to waste reduction.                     A CULTURE CHANGE is needed in UK commercial kitchens if the foodservice sector is to deal… Read More

  • Zero waste law could bring huge savings

    Scotland has some new waste regulations in place . But what they mean for the foodservice industry? Iain Gulland explains.   BUSINESSES OPERATING in Scotland’s catering sector will be required to sort and present food waste and other key recyclable… Read More

  • Glasgow restaurants form waste collection cooperative

    OVER 80 RESTAURANTS in Glasgow are working together in a new cooperative to help cut food waste and costs. The pilot project will help the businesses meet new waste regulations in Scotland.     Funded by Zero Waste Scotland, Scottish… Read More

  • New Scottish waste regs

    GLASGOW RESTAURANTS are amongst businesses in Scotland who are joining forces to recycle more and save on costs.     The projects are being showcased by the Scottish Government after a landmark step towards creating a zero waste society in… Read More

  • Waste Watch in Association with 3663

    IT MIGHT not be quite as exciting as a card on Valentine’s Day, but a new initiative to matchmake UK businesses with their ideal food waste partners is being launched this Spring. The Food Waste Network (FWN) has been created… Read More

  • What food are we in the mood for?

    The Footprint Forum later this month will tackle the role of food in performance at work and staff wellbeing. Caterers have a massive role to play in this agenda as David Burrows explains.   Footprint Forum Mood Food – Feeding… Read More

  • Revisiting the ethical mark debate

    THIS WEEKEND’S episode of Countryfile explored the ethical mark debate. Footprint Forum debated this very topic a year ago and we thought that some of you may find it interesting to revisit the discussions to see whether we have moved on? … Read More

  • Wonky veg to be saved

    A TEAM of campaigners and volunteers will, this weekend, pick over a tonne of cabbages that would otherwise go to waste because they fail to meet the strict cosmetic standards laid down by supermarkets and would ordinarily be wasted.  … Read More