Wonky veg to be saved

A TEAM of campaigners and volunteers will, this weekend, pick over a tonne of cabbages that would otherwise go to waste because they fail to meet the strict cosmetic standards laid down by supermarkets and would ordinarily be wasted.


The ‘gleaning’ event, organised by Tristram Stuart and the Feeding the 5000 campaign in partnership with food redistribution charity FareShare, will “rescue” the vegetables and ensure they distributed to a range of charities.


Gleaning is a traditional practice dating back to medieval times, which consists of gathering crops that would otherwise be left in the fields to rot. And Saturday’s event (3rd March) is one of a series of pilot gleaning events organised by the Feeding the 5000 campaign with a view to establishing a Gleaning Network to coordinate volunteers, growers, and distribution charities to salvage unwanted produce.


MP for South Thanet, Laura Sandys , will attend the event, which will be held from 10.30 am to 2.30pm at Geoff Philpott’s farm in Broadstairs, Kent.


Last month, Sandys unveiled her ‘Ugly food Company’ idea to great acclaim from The Daily Telegraph.


There are already a number of routes for ‘imperfect’ veg beyond the supermarkets, including the foodservice industry and food processors. However, Sandys’ ambition to create an ‘Ugly’ brand to educate consumers is what some have said sets it apart.