Foodservice News and Information

  • Urban Food Week in London

    NEXT WEEK London will play host to the first Urban Food Week.     The event has been organised to highlight the importance of buying and eating local food, as well as raise the profile of urban growing and planting… Read More

  • Water vision from youngsters

    THE 2012 World Water Week in Stockholm has closed with a “vision” capturing the perspective of young water scientists and professionals on the priorities that must be set now in order to achieve water and food security by 2050.     … Read More

  • FootprintChannel: Foodservice’s new media solution

    FootprintChannel is an online channel of FootprintTV, Footprint Podcasts and the Footprint Video Archive.   FootprintTV are a series of FREE-to-attend virtual events, powered by new interactive video streaming technology. The TV Productions allow key insight, intelligence and thought-leadership to be… Read More

  • Farm app to predict harvests

    POTATO FARMERS will be able to predict future harvests using a new smartphone app.   Farmers have traditionally relied on cumbersome and inaccurate manual measurements to predict crop yields. But the new app will take photographs of the ground coverage… Read More

  • Low salt products in decline

    THE NUMBER of products with low or no salt claims has declined in recent years.   Despite increased awareness about the risks of too much sodium in consumers’ diets and pledges from governments around the world to reduce salt levels… Read More

  • Red Tractor telling porkies?

    A SERIES OF adverts promoting British pork as “high welfare” have been banned for being misleading.   The adverts, commissioned by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), read: “PORK NOT PORKIES – RED TRACTOR PORK IS HIGH WELFARE PORK”.… Read More

  • Water use must be more efficient

    GLOBAL LEADERS at the 2012 World Water Week in Stockholm have called for substantial increases in public and private sector investment to reduce losses of food in the supply chain, enhance water efficiency in agriculture and curb consumer waste.  … Read More

  • Provenance prevails

    THE MAIN priority for consumers when buying meat or poultry is provenance not price.   More than half of consumers (59%) prefer to buy UK-sourced meat and poultry compared to imported meat.   Meanwhile, price is the main consideration for… Read More

  • Demand for cod and haddock too high

    THIS WEEK saw the last day that UK consumers eat home-grown fish.   Annual domestic fish stocks can satisfy demand for about 233 days a year – or until August 21 – according to a new report by the New… Read More

  • New apprenticeship scheme

    CATERING COMPANY Compass UK & Ireland is launching a new apprenticeship scheme for 16-18 year olds.   The Chef’s Academy, as it’s been branded, will offer a minimum of 40 places in its first year.   The two-year programme will… Read More