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Government not doing enough for sustainable resource management

The UK Government is failing to provide a “joined-up” approach to improve the use of resources, according to a new survey by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).

The IEMA polled 400 of its members on a number of environmental issues including resource security and the circular economy. The results showed the vast majority (89%) of environmental and sustainability professionals do not believe Government departments deliver a coherent message to help organisations improve the efficient use of resources. In fact, not one respondent stated that the Government’s approach was “very well joined-up”.

Parallel to the Government’s shortcomings, 88% of respondents said that the industry is not doing enough to achieve circular economy goals even after the European Commission announced its forthcoming Circular Economy package will be “more ambitious” and include specific waste targets.

80% of those polled also believed that even more research and action is needed from the next Government to make a better case for resource management, urging for the delivery of a “Stern for Resources” review.

Josh Fothergill, IEMA’s Policy & Engagement Lead on Sustainable Resource Management, said the findings show that much more needs to be done by the next Government to work in partnership with business to embed circularity and enable the transition from waste to resource thinking: “There are huge opportunities for the UK to better connect Government and business in this area. Our poll results clearly show how keen our Members are to see the UK be a leading international player on sustainable resource management so that we capitalise on the available savings and sustainability benefits”.