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Industry’s most responsible CPOs recognised at TBL 2017

Last night, the elite of the industry’s purchasing professionals gathered at the Haymarket Hotel for the 2017 Triple Bottom Line Awards, recognising procurement excellence, in partnership with Prestige Purchasing and sponsored by Watts Farms

TBL 2017 has been the most competitive in the initiative’s three year history. Disciplines contested were:

Competitive Difference Through Supply Chain

This category looks at examples of supply chain improvements, connectivity of the supply chain in the business and innovation from suppliers, differentiated product from producers, supply provenance, introduction of improved sustainable practices improving customer response and revenues being grown as a result.

The Winner: The National Trust

The Runner Up: Harbour & Jones

Efficient Logistics

This category examines the reduction in the number of deliveries and maximisation of drop value, consolidation of deliveries from multiple suppliers, efficient logistics solutions for upstream sourcing, whole logistics chain management, more efficient and timely supply chains, reduction of air, sea and road miles, lower carbon and reduced congestion.

The Winner: Rank Group

The Runner Up: Harbour & Jones

Ethical Procurement

This discipline requires operational excellence in higher level industry standards and welfare schemes, adoption, ethics within business recesses, transparency throughout the whole supply chain, audit and certification of working conditions, responsible and higher integrity activity, maintenance of labour and human rights and elimination of fraud and corruption.

The Winner: Casual Dining Group

The Runner Up: The Restaurant Group

Energy & Natural Resources

Judges in this category were looking for evidence of merit in reduction in consumption of energy through technology or change of cultural behaviour with the business and supply chain, adaptation or change to more sustainable or environmentally friendly energy sources, responsible use of energy and natural resources, evidence of good husbandry, transparency with the whole supply chain, audit/certification of utilisation and responsible, high integrity activity.

The Winner: Le Pain Quotidien

The Runner Up: The National Trust

David Read, chairman of Prestige Purchasing and head judge said of this years results: “Compared to many other disciplines within the business world, purchasing and supply chain talent remains relatively unrecognised despite delivering huge value. The TBL awards aim to change that, as they’re the only awards programme in foodservice supply management, fulfilling a critical role in recognising and showcasing innovation and excellence.”

We would like to thank the team of TBL Judges Andy Milner director of procurement & supply chain at WSH, Mike Attwood purchasing & supply chain director at EIPC and Andrew Sharp regional director of supply chain, Western Europe at Gate Gourmet.

We would particularly like to give thanks to our sponsor Watts Farms, without whom this initiative would not be possible.

About TBL

Increasingly applied in the commercial world, Triple Bottom Line (TBL) is a business theory that measures an organisation not only by its profit, but also its impact on people and planet within its sphere of business.

This translates into the world of Procurement as purchasing with not only the single bottom line of profit, but also with close consideration of the impacts of the purchasing decision to all stakeholders in the supply and value chains, from grower/producer through to end user, together with the ecological and environmental impacts of that process.

In essence, the sustainability of the deal.

Procurement professionals operate below the line and very few still believe sustainable and responsible purchasing to be a fad. Conscious consumers, stakeholders and shareholders are most apparent, yet fiscal pressures remain more acute than ever. As a result, an arguably more astute procurement community is emerging that deserves to be recognised.

TBL provides such a platform. The awards recognise an elite group of the most proactive individual Procurement professionals for supply chain excellence; going beyond the immediate call of buying on price, quality and service and driving sustainable practice in the supply chain in the process.

These awards for excellence in the supply chain are open to all Procurement and Supply Chain leaders in the foodservice and retail fields.