First fruits of the Government’s Responsibility Deal are beginning to emerge.  Back in March, McDonald’s announced that it will introduce calorie information on its menu boards as part of the Government’s Responsibility Deal.


So, from this Wednesday (7th Sept), McDonald’s will start displaying calories on menus across its 1,200 restaurants, clearly visible to the 3 million customers served by McDonald’s every day. McDonald’s is one of the first restaurants to do this.

McDonald’s is making this move following extensive consumer research by the company, including in-restaurant trials, to better understand how its customers across the country use nutritional information. This included a pilot across 125 McDonald’s restaurants, involving over 2,000 customer interviews and eye tracking technology, to understand how people absorb menu information when choosing food and placing their order.

Displaying calories on menus is a natural next step for McDonald’s.  In 1984, McDonald’s became the first restaurant chain in the UK to provide nutrition information about its food. Since then, on a voluntary basis, the company has increased the availability of nutrition information for customers and staff, inside and outside restaurants, by presenting nutrition information on much of its packaging, on the back of trayliners, and on the McDonald’s website.