McDonald’s serves the UK its new report

MCDONALD’S UK has released a new economic reports entitled ‘Serving the UK: McDonald’s at 40’ which looks at the positive contribution McDonald’s has made to its people, to communities and to the national economy over the last 40 years.

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The economic analysis reveals that British businesses benefit from annual McDonald’s supply chain expenditure of around £2 billion each year due to the fast food chain’s commitment to sourcing the majority of the food for its menu from the UK.


It also details how since the first McDonald’s restaurant opened in the UK in 1974, it has spent over spent over £26 billion with UK-based businesses, which includes spending between £134 million and £162 million directly with UK farmers.


Furthermore, the global giant is continuing to maintain its commitment to the environment and sustainability; 90% of its restaurants are already supplied with renewable electricity and they have been recycling used cooking oil since 2007.


The report was released in line with the company’s announcement to create 8,000 new jobs across the UK over the next three years, as part of its ongoing commitment to supporting and developing young people. Around 70% of these new jobs are expected to go to first-time workers and people under the age of 25 and it would take McDonald’s UK workforce to more than 100,000.


The Chancellor of the Exchequer, has already met with McDonald’s apprentices at No.11 Downing Street to discuss their training and welcomed the announcement saying: “A key part of our long term economic plan is creating jobs. That means creating the right conditions for successful companies to invest and expand their workforce. Over two million private sector jobs have been created since early 2010 and more people are in work that ever before.


“It is fantastic news that McDonald’s is creating 8,000 new jobs here in the UK, especially with the majority going to first-time workers and under 25s. Every new person in work means a brighter future and more economic security for them and their family.”


Jill McDonald, North West Division President and Chief Executive Officer, McDonald’s UK, said: “To mark our 40 years in the UK we wanted to take a close look at our economic and community impact, from the jobs we have created to the world leading supply chain we have built.


I’m incredibly proud of the investments we have been able to make and how our franchisees and employees are at the heart of hundreds of communities across the UK.


“The foundations we have laid will help us make the right decisions for the future whether it’s continuing to invest in the customer experience, leading the way on support for British Farming, or employing and training even more people.”