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Palm oil performance decent (apart from PepsiCo)

None of the world’s major food brands can yet guarantee that their palm oil is not linked to deforestation.

An analysis of 14 global consumer goods companies by Greenpeace found that most are moving “far too slowly”. PepsiCo, which makes Doritos crisps, was the poorest performer.

At the other end of the table were Nestlé and Ferrero – the latter was the only company able to trace nearly 100% of its palm oil back to the plantation it is grown on.

In between were a bunch of companies making “decent” progress on sourcing sustainable palm oil, according to the NGO.

The report reads: “As we embarked upon our survey, it was clear that the companies we spoke to had good intentions. Some are making a concerted effort to create change on the ground.

“At the same time, [most major brands] do not anticipate being deforestation-free until 2020. This is nowhere near urgent enough, given how rapidly Indonesia’s forests are being converted to palm oil plantations.”