anaerobic digestion

  • Diageo turns whisky waste into heat

    WASTE FROM Diageo’s whisky production at its Scottish factory will be turned into energy which powers the distillation process.     The anaerobic digestion plant is expected to generate 2 million cubic metres of biogas a year. Designed by Clearflue,… Read More

  • 500% increase in UK food waste recycled by AD

    1.6 MILLION tonnes of food waste are now being recycled by anaerobic digestion (AD) – a 500% increase from the 0.3-0.4 million tonnes recycled in 2010.   The figures come from the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresource’s Association 2015 Market Report… Read More

  • Success for Nestlé’s on-site anaerobic digestion plant

    A NEW anaerobic digestion plant is supplying nearly 8% of a Nestlé factory’s electricity demand, eliminating solid waste handling costs and reducing the manufacturers carbon footprint.               Award-winning British company, Clearfleau, UK market leaders in… Read More

  • Largest food AD plant in Wales now operational

    THE LARGEST food anaerobic digestion (AD) plant in Wales is now operational from this week. Biogen’s Waen plant in Denbighshire aims to recycle up to 22,500 tonnes of food waste every year, generating 1MW of renewable electricity for the national… Read More

  • Green investment bank helps London power itself with food waste

    UK GREEN Investment Bank (GIB) has announced a £7.5m commitment in the new £15m anaerobic digestion and green waste composting plant in Enfield which will generate power for 1,750 homes and produce compost for agricultural use.        … Read More

  • Waste costs are no joke for hospitality industry

    THE HOSPITALITY sector is set to spend an extra £32 million pounds this year sending food waste to landfill, according to the UK ’s leading food waste recycler, ReFood. Landfill tax increased by £8 per tonne on 1st April 2014,… Read More

  • Waen AD food waste plant to generate power for 1,500 homes

    RENEWABLE ENERGY specialists, BIOGEN have been commissioned to build a recycling plant which will generate power from food waste in three counties across Wales.                     The £7.5m Waen anaerobic digestion (AD)… Read More

  • Food waste hero, or potential villain?

    PIGS ARE being touted as the solution to the UK foodservice sector’s food waste problem. But there are reputation risks attached to the concept.                     The Pig Idea is a campaign… Read More

  • When will the penny drop?

    FOOD WASTE recycler PDM is hoping to convince more hospitality businesses to separate their food waste. It won’t be easy, but there’s £90m riding on it.                   It might feel that there’s… Read More

  • WRAP issues latest waste management report

    WRAP HAS PUBLISHED its annual Gate Fees Report, revealing that the average local authority fee is unchanged since 2011-2012.   The annual report provides insight into the alternative waste management market, and aims to increase price transparency.   A gate… Read More